Portuguese / Portugal


Sobral, Catarina (illus.)
Lisboa: Pato Lógico, 2014. – [34] p.
(Series: Imagens que contam)
ISBN 978-989-98470-3-3

Void | Loneliness | Meaning of life | Zest for life | Textless book

Catarina Sobral, winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2014 with ≫O meu avo≪ (My grandfather; Orfeu Negro 2014), offers ≫Vazio≪ as further evidence of her magnificent talent as an illustrator. ≫Vazio≪ is one of several notable textless books published by Pato Logico Press in the visual storytelling series ≫Imagens que contam≪.

It is a story about inner emptiness. The protagonist, a sad, clueless, lonely man with a hat, has frozen into his mundane existence and nothing excites him. He walks through a colourful world as a white silhouette, and his emptiness is physically visible as it sometimes nearly blends him entirely into his surroundings. When objects such as fl owers or pictures touch his outline they quickly fade. Yet, the end of the story is hopeful, as he meets an equally ≫empty≪ woman and their hearts suddenly begin to beat. With clear contours, strong lines, and bold colour fields, Catarina Sobral has created a touching picture book. (Age: 5+)