Portuguese / Portugal

Irmão lobo
(Brother wolf)

Almeida, Carla Maia de (text)
Gonçalves, António Jorge (illus.)
Carcavelos: Planeta Tangerina, 2013. – 121 p.
ISBN 978-989-8145-53-6

Family | Crisis | Coming-of-age novel

≫Irmao lobo≪ describes the rupture of a family in a crisis-torn country. The parents must move numerous times with their three children, the father loses his job, their economic situation becomes ever more precarious. The parents’ marriage falls apart, memories of happier times fade away. Bolota, one of the three children, describes the events from two different time-points: from her view as an eightyear-old girl and, seven years later, from her view as a teenager on the cusp of adulthood.

The book masterfully interweaves fantasy and fairy-tale elements with harsh reality in the protagonist’s experience. Its design is also highly effective: The two different narratives appear on differently coloured pages, lending a distinct backdrop to the blue-black- and white illustrations. ≫Irmao lobo≪ appeared in the series ≫Dois passos e um salto≪, which the publisher has newly expanded to include books of interest to young adult readers. (Age: 13+)