Portuguese / Brazil

Sete patinhos na lagoa
(Seven ducklings in a pond)

Riter, Caio (text)
Cardon, Laurent (illus.)
São Paulo: Biruta, 2013. – [40] p.
ISBN 978-85-7848-117-9

Duck | Alligator | Counting

This book for young readers tells a story inspired by oral tradition that draws on the children’s book trope of repetition. Seven ducklings in a pond are tormented by a terrible alligator named Barnabe, who seeks to devour them at any cost.

Author Caio Riter does not sugar-coat the events, portraying the voracious alligator as quite a scary creature that swallows the ducklings one by one. All is set aright, however, in the surprise ending. Using verses with irregular stanzas and somewhat irregular rhymes, Riter creates a narrative that is both well-paced
and playful, bringing the dynamic story to life. The humorous illustrations in yellow and green capture the action with a light-hearted tone that softens the
story’s more unsettling moments. (Age: 4+)