Portuguese / Brazil

As cores da escravidão
(The colours of slavery)

Oliveira, Ieda de (text)
Borges, Rogério (illus.)
São Paulo: FTD, 2013. – 93 p.
ISBN 978-85-322-8422-8

Slavery | Child labour | Imagination | Storytelling

≫As cores da escravidao≪ shows that slavery remains a timely and relevant topic in Brazil, despite its being abolished in 1888.

Based on a document concerning Brazilian slavery, the author tells the story of Tonho, an enslaved boy who endures many losses and pains, but is nourished by the richness of his imagination, living the dream of a better life. Alternating reality and fantasy, the book provides insightful reflections on child labour, injustice, school, solidarity and the power of the imagination. Tonho, a survivor of children’s exploitation, is strongly infl uenced by his grandmother’s stories and believes in the fantasies his adoptive guardian Mrs. Zinha told him. Ieda de Oliveira, herself of Angolan ancestry, not only indicts unjust practices, but also alerts the readers to the need to nourish their imaginations as did the black and indigenous ancestors of today’s multicultural Brazilian society, telling stories around the bonfires. This story is an evocative, moving read. (Age: 12+)