Portuguese / Brazil


Moriconi, Renato (illus.)
São Paulo: Companhia das Letrinhas, 2013.
– [44] p.
ISBN 978-85-7406-574-8

Warrior horseman | Hero’s trial | Courage | Father / Son | Textless book

This textless picture book tells the story of a fearless warrior who faces the most terrifying challenges. Mounted on his black horse, he bravely fights monsters, arrows, and fire, overcoming all dangers ahead. The bold warrior horseman trembles before one being only: the same being that in the end destroys his conquest campaign. Each double page of the book adds to the fun of this narrative permeated by allusions to European legends.

The book is designed in a narrow and tall format, which helps readers explore the different spaces the hero and his enemies occupy on each page. The book has an amazing and surprising ending – it turns out that our hero is in fact an imaginative child, ≫conquering≪ the world on his carousel horse. This metafictional twist comes after readers have accompanied the warrior protagonist on all his richly illustrated adventures. (Age: 3+)