Portuguese / Brazil

A árvore de Tamoromu
(The Tamoromu tree)

Lacombe, Ana Luísa (text)
Vilela, Fernando (illus.)
Rio de Janeiro: Formato, 2013. – 22 p. + 1 CD
ISBN 978-85-7208-847-3

Tree of Life | Myth | Legend

In this book, Ana Luisa Lacombe recounts an Amazonian myth of the Wapichana people indigenous to Brazil: Two boys find an agouti (a South American rodent) and bring him to their tribe. The agouti starts sleeping in a hammock and becomes very lazy. One day, the agouti goes for a walk and finds Tamoromu, the tree of life, which yields all types of fruits, vegetables, grains, roots, and vegetables. Once the villagers notice that the agouti always returns from his walks with his tummy full, it doesn’t take long before they discover his secret.

The text – witty, lively, and musical – is charming, and its use of colloquial language, including onomatopoeia, gives readers the sense of being seated at the fire circle, tasting the smells and hearing the sounds of these sensorily rich stories.

The graphic design of the cover and the pages, as well as the dynamic, attractive coloured pictures by award-winning illustrator Fernando Vilela lend great vividness to the text. (Age: 7+)