Polish / Poland

Prawdziwa bajka
(A real fairy tale)

Łoziński, Mikołaj (text)
Ignerska, Marta (illus.)
Warszawa: Kultura Gniewu, 2013. – [64] p.
(Series: Krótkie gatki)
ISBN 978-83-60915-83-7

Road trip | Spider | Care

A couple drives through summery French vacation landscapes in their Volvo. Along the way a spider attaches itself to their side-view mirror. The animal becomes their travel companion, and after a car accident, they frantically look for it – and find it. Before the couple nears home, the unusual companions part ways: Since Poland would be too cold for the spider, it alights on a side-view mirror of a truck headed south.

This is a masterfully told story with a minimalist text and illustrations that unite concrete detail with metaphoric abstraction: the spider is a circle, the car a black square, the side-view mirror a framed rectangle; street crossings and spider webs are lines and beams. At times entire pages stay monochrome black, like the tunnel through which the protagonists are driving. With this wonderful book, two of the best Polish representatives of their crafts show how touching a language of clean and simple forms can be. (Age: 4+)