Polish / Poland


Krygier, Michał (text)
Wasilka, Alicja (illus.)
Warszawa: Wydawnictwo ikropka, 2012.
– [20] p.
ISBN 978-83-936162-0-6

House | Disorder | Habitualisation

≫Bałagan≪ is the first offering coming out of iKropka Press and also the first picture book from publisher and artist couple Michał Krygier and Alicja Wasilka. Every page of this picture book is governed by disorder. No one knows where it comes from, but chaos has gradually seeped into the book and into the life of the family living therein.

With the help of the story’s child narrator and Alicja Wasilka’s illustrations, we witness the disorder become a provisional member of the family with its own preferences (it likes the kitchen and the children’s room). The highly stylised illustrations depict the messy home turf with an orange, turquoise, and silver colour scheme, which that forces readers to look closer to recognise household objects such as furniture, houseplants, and toys within the chaotic turmoil. One begins to agree with the narrator: Disorder may indeed produce something of aesthetic interest. (Age: 3+)