Norwegian / Norway

(The leap)

Sævareid, Heidi (text)
Oslo: Omnipax, 2013. – 206 p.
ISBN 978-82-530-3576-5

Fundamentalism | Power | Manipulation | Love | Dance | Coming-of-age novel

Though primarily known through Swedish author P. O. Enqvist’s novels, for instance, Christian fundamentalist groups are also a part of Norway’s cultural landscape, interpreting the Bible literally and making heaven a reward only for those who avoid all vice.

Janne and Anna are twins and belong to the ≫Zion≪ community. But while Anna finds Bible study groups and evangelical meetings fulfilling, Janne’s faith increasingly falters. At first drawn to its close communal bonds, she senses that ≫Zion≪ is ultimately all about control and power. Sensible Janne’s ambivalent feelings become clear as she tells the story from her perspective. Her doubts increase when she falls for ≫Zion’s≪ rebel, who is also of two minds about the community but is unclear about his feelings for her. Heidi Savareid’s critical and credible first novel received the debut prize from the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. (Age: 14+)