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Øvreås, Håkon (text)
Torseter, Øyvind (illus.)
[Oslo]: Gyldendal, 2013. – 130 p.
ISBN 978-82-05-43636-7

Imagination | Revenge | Solidarity | Conscience | Hero

≫Nothing to worry about≪, Rune replies every time his parents ask if everything’s ok. In fact, nothing’s ok. Grandpa died, Rune’s parents are grieving, and he is being picked on by three older boys – until he comes up with an idea, that is: He grabs a bucket of brown paint and turns himself into Brune, a superhero fighting for justice. Svartle und Blase, emblazoned with black and blue paint respectively, soon join him. Known during the day as Atle and Ase, they are also being teased by the trio of bullies. While there are many uperhero stories that portray children’s fantasies of omnipotence as compensating strategies for their mundane stressors, ≫Brune≪ is special. The third person limited point of view conveys how lost Rune feels, but also how resistant he is to being put down.

Oyvind Torseter’s pictures also make the book stand apart; they helped secure
him a nomination for the Nordisk rads borne- og ungdoms literary prize in 2014. (Age: 8+)