Norwegian / Norway

Det skulle vere sol, vi skulle reise til Łódź
(The sun was going to shine, we were going to Łódź)

Kaldhol, Marit (text)
Oslo: Samlaget, 2014. –175 p.
ISBN 978-82-521-8436-5

Loss | Trauma | Responsibility | Family | Nature

Marit Kaldhol writes poetry, children’s plays, and prose that typically avoids the epic in favour of the compressed. Her associative, non-chronological narrative style creates space for contemplation. Kaldhol’s work oft en takes up existential topics. ≫Farvel Rune≪ (1986) is as much an exemplar of this as is her newest novel.

After the sudden death of her mother, Jenny, who narrates the story, must take care of her blind grandfather and her drug-addled sister. Her sister is becoming increasingly remote, but Jenny just can’t stand to lose another person. Jenny pulls herself together, feeling she doesn’t have the time or energy to grieve or to worry about herself. The reader might begin to feel overwhelmed by all this, but will find the precise descriptions of nature that stand in as metaphors for Jenny’s inner states reassuring. Drawing on nature in symbolic ways is a method perfected by Norwegian authors such as Hamsun, Vesaas, Fosse and others. This book carries on the tradition. (Age: 16+)