Norwegian / Norway

Kubbes album om alt
(Kubbe’s album about everything)

Johnson, Åshild Kanstad (text/illus.)
[Oslo]: Gyldendal, 2013. – [36] p.
(Series: Barn & Ungdom)
ISBN 978-82-05-42582-8

Identity | Collecting

After ≫Kubbe lager museum≪ and ≫Kubbe lager spetakkel≪, cuddly Kubbe is back in a new book – thanks to Ashild Kanstad Johnson, his inventor. This volume carries the encyclopaedic title ≫Kubbes album om alt≪ (Kubbe’s album about everything). All three books in the series provide many hours of reading pleasure.

The first volume is about collecting and categorising, and the second is about playing music. The third volume connects to the first, as collections of material objects take centre stage once more, though this time things also shift into the more abstract. The teeming pictures showcase those things most important to Kubbe, rather than a truly encyclopaedic ≫everything≪, which in turn suggests the subjectivity and relativity of collecting and knowing. What Kubbe collects in his album builds and maintains his self-image and aids in his ability to fathom his cosmos: ≫This is me, Kubbe.≪ These picture books are real treats, multi-faceted and holding much in store for their young audience. (Age: 4+