Norwegian / Norway

K. Mustermann

Vindenes, Eivor [et al.] (text)
Horvei, Øivin (illus.)
[Kolbotn]: Magikon forlag, 2013. – [32] p.
ISBN 978-82-92863-40-4

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The story begins with a doorbell panel with twelve labels that each state ≫Smith≪. Well, which Smith is the rightful recipient of the letter from the inheritance lawyer from the United States that announces inherited wealth? The Smith who works nights and sleeps during the day? Or the Smith who loves to eat mustard?

Twelve authors have thought up twelve prose miniatures and poems that create identities for the twelve Smiths, which frequently cross into the absurd. The vignettes are book-ended by two poems about the mailman, who does not know where to put the letter. The book’s design recalls an old address book andthe illustrations Cubist collages. It is an homage to the potential of everyday observation. The idea for this book project came to illustrator Øivin Horvei on one of his meanderings through Oslo, where he noted the last name ≫Mustermann≪ – a kind of equivalent of ≫Smith≪ – on many doorbells – no wonder, as this is the default label printed at the doorbell manufacturing facility… (Age: 8+)