Norwegian / Norway

Det blir pinlig uansett
(It will be embarassing in any event)

Tronstad, Tyra Teodora / Sortland, Bjørn (text)
Oslo: Aschehoug, 2013. – 111 p.
ISBN 978-82-03-25582-3

Email | Communication | Friendship | Love | Coming-of-age novel | Epistolary novel

How close can two people get if they’ve only ever communicated via email? Elias sees Susanne every day on the bus and notices her email address on her blue folder. When she doesn’t show up for a time, he sends her an email. An intense, soul-baring virtual conversation quickly ensues. Susanne is cautious at first, having never consciously noticed Elias on the bus, but Elias is so candid and self-deprecating that she soon learns to trust him. Elias and Susanne are vulnerable and bruised souls, lonely and searching, who (only?) thrive under the cover of anonymity, as they are both fully aware of.

Without prior planning, Tyra Teodora Tronstad and Bjorn Sortland, both top Norwegian authors, wrote this book in an email back-and-forth over the course of three days. The result is a contemporary version of the epistolary novel that is spontaneous and dynamic, and not at all superficial. (Age: 12+)