Lithuanian / Lithuania

Spintos istorijos
(Cupboard stories)

Kandrotienė, Danguolė (text)
Rancevienė, Jurgita (illus.)
Kaunas: Terra publica, 2013. – 96 p.
ISBN 978-609-8090-11-6

Family | Past | Value priorities | Sustainability | Memory

It’s not so easy these days to fi nd a cabinet full of old, forgotten objects tucked away in one’s basement or attic, such as seven-year-old Emilija does in ≫Spintos istorijos≪. What makes this award-winning Lithuanian book so readable, however, is that Danguolė Kandrotienė’s fourth children’s book is not only about finding forgotten things, but also about valuing them and reanimating them as treasures. In her native country, Kandrotienė is known for her travel descriptions and cultural-historical books about Lithuania.

In the story, the found objects tell Emilija not only about her family’s past, they also help her and the rest of the family cherish these old things. Th is creates an opportunity for fun and excitement in the family’s day-to-day life: While Emilija’s mother slips into that little black dress from years ago, her father goes to work with the old umbrella in hand. Danguolė Kandrotienė’s dynamic writing style ensures that events proceed with an appropriate degree of chaos and comedy. (Age: 6+)