Lithuanian / Lithuania

Bumba Dumba ir Visatos sukūrimas
(Bumba Dumba and the creation of the universe)

Butkus, Tomas S. (text/illus.)
[Klaipėda]: Vario Burnos, 2012. – 47 p.
ISBN 978-609-95464-0-7

Perception | World

What is it like when a child fi rst sees a triangle, square, or circle on paper and when recognises it in the outer (real) world? In his first picture book for children, Tomas S. Butkus (b. 1975), perhaps Lithuania’s most avant-garde architect, urban theorist (≫City as an event≪), and poet, explores the perception of basic shapes.

We follow the story of a new-born egg-shaped creature who wanders through the world, seeing everything for the first time. The book was heralded in 2012 as an exceptional debut in the area of children’s literature and received an award in the ≫Most beautiful books≪ competition in Lithuania. ≫Bumba Dumba≪ was published by Vario Burnos, an edgy small-scale publisher and think tank. The book employs a precisely sequenced series of pictorial elements in muted coloured pencil hues to guide us through a familiar, complex world made unfamiliar so that we can rediscover it. (Age: 6+)