Korean / Republic of Korea

Sigan Gagae
(Time shop)

Yi, Nayeong ( Lee, Na-young) (text)
Yun, Jeoung ju ( Yoon, Jung-Joo) (illus.)
Seoul: Munhakdongnae, 2013. – 204 p.
(Series: Boreumdal mungo; 53)
ISBN 978-89-546-2026-0

Stress | Anxiety | Time pressure | Performance pressure | Memories

Yoona feels a great deal of stress. She studies all day long to enter an elite school, and lives according to the schedule that her mom makes her follow. Then, one day, Yoona sees a store called Time Shop. The shop owner proposes a deal: He will give her ten minutes if she will give him one of her happy memories. Yoona decides to sell her memory without hesitation. Yoona studies hard during the time she has bought and finally gets close to achieving her goals. However, the more she sells her memories the emptier she feels. She decides to suggest a new deal to the time shop owner.

This novel is a warning not to sacrifice the present for the sake of future happiness. That simple yet powerful message shines through this magical realist story. This is Lee Nayoung’s fourth publication. ≫Time shop≪ earned the Munhak Dongne Children’s Book Award. (Age: 10+)