Korean / Republic of Korea

Apa rang Eunbyeol i rang Seomjin gang geulim yeo haeng
(Pictures of Papa and Eunbyeol’s journey along the river Seomjin)

O, Chigeun / O, Eunbyeol (text/illus.)
Paju: Tomato hauseu (Tomato House), 2013. – [44] p
ISBN 978-89-97313-19-8-77810

River | Ecology | Journey | Father / Daughter

The Seomjin River is one of the most beautiful and historic rivers in Korea. A father (a painter) and his daughter (an elementary school student) went for a trip along the river together. They then made a storybook about their experiences. Readers can discover the riverfront’s peaceful and beautiful scenery and learn about the times the father and daughter enjoyed together. The pictures are beautiful, done in an oriental style with fresh, bright colours.

O Chigeun was born in Namwon in 1971 and studied painting at Chosun University. His illustrations are here juxtaposed with his daughter’s drawings, which capture the shared excursion and the river’s legends from a child’s perspective. The journey and its report were inspired by poems that are woven into the text. The Korean Ministry for Culture, Sports and Tourism named this volume an Excellent Book in the area of Korean culture. (Age: 8+)