Japanese / Japan

Hachigatsu no hikari
(Flash in August)

Kutsuki, Shō (text)
Tōkyō: Kaiseisha, 2012. – 145 p.
ISBN 978-4-03-744160-9

Japan / 1945 | Atomic bomb | War | Survival | Short story | Historical fiction

The author of this book belongs to the second generation of those irradiated in Hiroshima. Here she reconstructs in three fi ctional short stories the moment the atomic bomb dropped and the time afterwards. In a literary and eloquent manner, she portrays the fates of those present, based on real people, survivors’ statements, and documents. In the face of the bomb’s innumerable innocent victims, survivors can come to blame themselves for their inability to save others. Compassion with the victims is only possible if their memory is kept alive. This also brings one closer to the survivors and allows one to understand their suffering. The devastating earthquake and tsunami catastrophe in northern Japan and the nuclear plant accident in Fukushima in 2011, which took the lives of many, made the author appreciate this insight once more.

This book is a valued contribution to ≫atomic bomb literature≪, a remarkable genre specific to Japan that concerns the atomic bomb drops over Japan and their consequences. (Age: 12+)