Italian / Italy

L’ eroe invisibile
(The invisible hero)

Cognolato, Luca / Del Francia, Silvia (text)
San Dorligo della Valle <Trieste>:
Einaudi Ragazzi, 2014. – 152 p.
(Series: Carta bianca)
ISBN 978-88-6656-140-8

Perlasca, Giorgio | World War II | Budapest / 1944-1945 | Resistance | Persecution of the Jews | Historical fiction

This novel recounts a true story from the years of the Second World War, when the war had brought hunger, desperation and death to the occupied city of Budapest. The story is about an invisible hero who remained unnoticed for many years. It was in the late 1980s that the State of Israel honoured Giorgio Perlasca with the title ≫Righteous Among the Nations≪. The reader follows Perlasca through the streets of Budapest all the way to the city’s basements. The novel describes his attempts to live up to a task greater than himself by developing strategies and securing allies, to save as many Jews as possible from deportation to the extermination camps and certain death. The novel portrays such helpers as average, unremarkable people, whose often unrecognised resistance eff orts helped change the course of history. (Age: 12+)