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L’ alfabeto dei sentimenti
(The alphabet of emotions)

Carioli, Janna (text)
Possentini, Sonia M. L. (illus.)
Casalecchio di Reno (Bo): Fatatrac, 2013. – [48] p.
ISBN 978-88-8222-318-2

Emotion | Poetry | ABC book

Janna Carioli and Sonia M. L. Possentini bring our sincerest emotions to life in this ABC book, using words and images that convey their very personal communicative style.

In a fast-paced society that has difficulty with and often suppresses expressions of the inner life, it is not easy to give voice to the heart and mind. Here, the author and illustrator represent twenty-one letters by linking each to an emotion such as love and anger, curiosity and pain, loneliness and freedom. Each page off ers new perspectives on childhood. They present top notch rhymes and aptly chosen words, whose sonority and rhythm make for smooth reading. The book’s illustrations are carefully composed and atmospherically dense, painterly, and visionary, drawing on a selective use of colours. Large blank spaces on the page help the reader better sense the relationship between text and image. (Age: 7+)