Hungarian / Hungary

A kufl ik és a nagy eső
(The Knuffels and the big rain)

Dániel, András (text/illus.)
Budapest: Pagony, 2013. – [50] p.
ISBN 978-615-5441-34-9

Family | Adventure | Fantasy tale

The Knuffels are neither squirrels, nor worms, beans, or stars. They hop like rubber balls but are not balls; they are colourful like lollipops but are not edible. There are little and big ones, round and slim ones. They come and go, but where from and where to no one knows. This book’s protagonists are portrayed as lovable, familial creatures who master everyday challenges together. When a big rain floods all their dugouts on the abandoned meadow, they rescue themselves on boats. They meet new creatures on their journey, and even the rat is helpful by showing them where to find the plug to drain all the water back out.

Dániel András’s story has a nice arc of suspense, and his illustrations capture the feelings and moods of this original little fantasy world. (Age: 3+)