Hebrew / Israel

Ha‘ Nets al ha‘ets
(Tree top dad)

Yuval-Yair, Shirley (text)
Farber, Tsahi (illus.)
Or Yehuda: Kinneret Zmorah-Bitan, 2013. – [38] p.
ISBN 978-965-552-665-3

Father / Son | Improvisation | Imagination

This picture book explores an everyday situation where a father and son spend some constructive and imaginative time together. Improvisation is needed when Uri’s new remote-controlled airplane gets stuck in a tree. Thereupon ensues a chain of fatherly attempts to get the plane down. The father must continually improve his improvisatory skills, and Uri learns that one can enjoy the day in different ways, even when things go other than planned. This book can teach children and adults alike to appreciate being flexible and spontaneous: When one way doesn’t work out, a new idea will come along and change everything. Narrated and illustrated with much humour and an eye for situational comedy, this story considers how fathers’ roles have changed as they have become more active in child-rearing.

This is the fourth children’s book by Shirley Yuval-Yair, a psychologist who also writes children’s plays. Illustrator and comic artist Tsahi Farber teaches at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem.
(Age: 4+)