Hebrew / Israel


Grossman, David (text)
Rovner, Michal (illus./design)
Tel Aviv: Am Oved, 2014. – [32] p.
ISBN 978-965-13-2191-7

Uniqueness | Loneliness | Love | Mother / Son

This little volume is designed like an artist’s book and has something very intimate about it. It describes a walk that a mother takes with her young son and their dog through the fields. A dialogue develops about the relation of uniqueness and loneliness. When the mother states that her boy is the sweetest child and there is no one else like him on the planet, the child is filled with concern. He does not want to be unique, because that means he is all alone.

The small drawings of the characters, sketchy and without facial features, wonderfully enhance the storytelling’s reticent tone. The book takes on the topics of love and feeling alone with a remarkable simplicity and great warmth, and is equally appealing to adults and children. Internationally awarded author David Grossman has written many novels for adults and some books for children. Illustrator Michal Rovner is also active as a photographer and video artist, and her work is regularly exhibited. (Age: 5+)