Hebrew / Israel

Im ta‘alu me‘at
(Higher and higher)

El‘azary, Yuval (text)
Amir, Lital (illus.)
Or Yehuda: Kinneret Zmorah-Bitan, 2013. – [40] p.
ISBN 978-965-552-714-8

Perspective | Distance | Scale

This book and its impressive illustrations invite us to reflect on how we would perceive our surroundings if we could fly and view them from ever greater distances. How would our houses and streets appear if we could rise above the rooftops, just as the little kite does that the story’s child protagonist has drawn? Why do all the big houses look so small from up high? This book invites children on an excursion around the globe and through the universe, showing how perspectives can change, how maps and city plans are made and how we use them to find our way.

Yuval Elazary has written numerous story books as well as non-fiction books for young readers. The illustrator recently completed her studies with distinction in graphic and design art and illustration in Haifa; this is her first publication. (Age: 5+)