Greek / Greece

Thryloi kai xotika tou Aigaiu
(Aegean legends and kobolds)

Zapheiriu, Kōstas ( Zapheiriou, Kostas) / Tyrikos-
Ergas, Giōrgos ( Tyrikos-Ergas, Giorgos) (text)
Berutsu, Katerina ( Veroutsou, Katerina) / Marda,
Ellē ( Marda, Elli) (illus.)
Mytilēnē: Aiolida, 2013. – 86 p.
(Series: Aulētēs kai Pappulanthrōpos)
ISBN 978-960-9653-26-8

Legend | Fairy tale

This original collection freshly explores motifs of traditional folk legends and fairy tales. Its eight featured postmodern fairy tales evoke the symbolism and musicality of authentic North Aegean folk traditions. Values such as tolerance, love of nature, and solidarity are revived. Strange beings, including the southern wind, the angry plane tree, and the bald-headed cobblers who grow on trees, accompany readers of all ages on a journey through time, where familiar elements from the past and present come together and blend in an odd fashion.

Kostas Zafeiriou and Giorgos Tyrikos-Ergas, both at home on the islands of Lemnos and Lesbos, masterfully introduce idiomatic language into the text to make it entertaining. As a reader, one is left wanting to become better acquainted with these stories and to explore the traditions behind them. The lively illustrations of Katerina Veroutsou and Elli Marda
accompany the text. (Age: 7+)