Greek / Greece

Ochi, kyria!
(No, Miss Teacher!)

Papatheodulu, Antōnēs ( Papatheodoulou, Antonis) (text)
Kapatsulia, Natalia ( Kapatsoulia, Natalia) (illus.)
Athēna: Papadopoulos, 2013. – 29 p.
(Series: Petaei, petaei)
ISBN 978-960-484-449-4

School | Creativity | Wordplay

≫No, Miss Teacher!≪, the school teacher hears loudly every time she explains new vocabulary words. This is because her young pupils believe that asters only come from asteroids, that sandwiches were created by the sand witch, and that France is a country where everyone is named Francis. Their teacher has no choice but to join them and give her own imagination free reign. Just then her students tease her by showing that they can see and interpret the world in a surprisingly factual way – if only they want to.

Antonis Papatheodoulou highlights children’s gift for discovering and understanding their environments through play and make-believe, and to communicate about what they see. Natalia Kapatsoulia’s light and lively illustrations animate and enhance the book’s intelligent text. (Age: 6+)