Greek / Greece

Ē thymōmenē mpetoniera
(The angry concrete mixer)

Mpaslam, Dēmētrēs ( Baslam, Dimitris) (text)
Markopulos, Kōstas ( Markopoulos, Kostas) (illus.)
Thessalonikē: Epomenos Stathmos, 2013. – 105 p.
ISBN 978-960-8259-25-6

Construction work | Environmental protection | Quality of life

In a region suff ocated by overdevelopment, all construction work must suddenly cease. Construction machines and tools revolt, ripping everything down so that they can rebuild everything and never be out of work. But when they see the bright blue sky and green fl owering meadows peeping out from behind the ruins and hear words like ≫rest≪ and ≫enjoyment≪, their attitude changes. Even the imperious concrete mixer joins the others on their search for new jobs aimed at improving the quality of life. By introducing tempo changes and cleverly placed pauses, author and musician Dimitris Baslam gives his impulsive text a wonderful rhythm, which Kostas Markopoulos translates into explosive, colourful illustrations that draw on constructivist graphic elements.

The book is made with high quality paper and carefully bound by thread-stitching. Combined with its reader-friendly format, these details make the book a collector’s item. (Age: 4+)