German / Switzerland

Lindbergh. Die abenteuerliche Geschichte einer fliegenden Maus
(Lindbergh. The adventures of a fl ying mouse)

Kuhlmann, Torben (text/illus.)
Zürich: NordSüd-Verl., 2014. – [84] p.
ISBN 978-3-314-10210-3

Mouse | Flying | Crossing the Atlantic | Animal story

Small but mighty! Even before ≫Micky Mouse≪ and ≫Tom and Jerry≪, we knew that mice are clever. The little mouse in Torben Kuhlmann’s debut picture book constructs a plane and, not quite voluntarily, leaves his now inhospitable home country to cross the Atlantic. Despite some hungry owls who are hard on his heels, the mouse manages to get all the way to New York.

Torben Kuhlmann’s pictures are rendered in a palette reminiscent of old sepia photographs. They stand out for the meticulous depiction of details, the choice of different perspectives, and the variety of sizes. The text occasionally feels a little complaisant and fairytale-ish, which, on the one hand, fits in with the legend-like tone. On the other hand, it cleverly disguises the parable within the story, because in this mouse’s tale, there are both subtle and explicit allusions to real-life events (and maybe also to other texts, such as Art Spiegelman’s famous graphic novel ≫Mouse≪). (Age: 5+)