German / Germany

Königin des Sprungturms
(Queen of the diving platform)

Wildner, Martina (text)
Schöffmann-Davidov, Eva (illus.)
Weinheim [et al.]: Beltz & Gelberg, 2013.
- 212 p.
ISBN 978-3-407-82027-3

Sports | High diving | Friendship | Rivalry |
Search for identity

≫You need to pack your whole life into every single dive≪. That’s how aloof and ambitious Karla pursues her sport, high diving. She is the undisputed
number one. Her friend Nadja, the book’s narrator, admires Karla. To her, it is God’s will that Karla is the best. She doesn’t even mind that she herself is almost invisible next to her friend. Yet one day, Karla blunders and Nadja wins. ≫And I was happy; yes, I was getting happier every minute.≪ Slowly but surely, Nadja starts to peel away from Karla and to trust in herself. Bordering on a coming-of-age-novel, this book explores a shift ing relationship between two
girls with a perfect sense of dramatic composition, defi ning key moments without staging them as drama. Nadja’s precise, objective, almost terse tone makes for a psychologically convincing portrayal.
Martina Wildner is one the most versatile talents in the German speaking world of young adult literature, as acknowledged by her nominations for the German Youth Literature Award. (Age: 11+)