German / Germany

Bitte blubb blubb rette mich!
(Save me, glub glub, please!)

Schmidt, Barbara (text)
Schmidt, Dirk (illus.)
München: Kunstmann, 2014. – [36] p.
ISBN 978-3-88897-944-6

Elephant | Mishap | Lake

When mother and son collaborate… – Barbara and Dirk Schmidt have concocted another adventure for the clumsy blue elephant. And isn’t he a particularly unlucky fellow! After some mishap, he sits at the bottom of a lake and cannot move an inch. At least his trunk is long enough to reach the surface so that he can breathe. Nevertheless, the situation is altogether far from ideal. The lake’s inhabitants are eager to help, but unfortunately, the elephant’s body doesn’t work like that of a fish, a frog, or an octopus. While fish and friends hurriedly wiggle away after their respective vain attempts to help, Elephant is still stuck.

Thanks to the Knittelvers (old-fashioned Germanic verse metre), the laconically dry text about the elephantine misery reminds readers of well-known German humourist and poet Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908) and makes them smile; as do the illustrations with their comicbook-like strokes that put the miserable elephant in the limelight. (Age: 4+)