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montag ist mützenfalschrumtag
(monday is hat-back-to-front-day)

Rautenberg, Arne (text)
Rassmus, Jens (illus.)
Wuppertal: Peter Hammer, 2014. – 48 p.
ISBN 978-3-7795-0497-9

Fish | Seasons | Nonsense | Poetry

Following ≫supermann im supermarket≪ (superman at the supermarket), multi-award-winning poet Arne Rautenberg has published another volume of poetry, this time illustrated by Jens Rassmus.

Rautenberg’s verses range from real tongue twisters and visual poetry to poems that raise philosophical questions or contain intertextual distortions. ≫gesprach unter fischen≪ (conversation among fish), for example, is a reference to Christian Morgenstern’s ≫Fisches Nachtgesang≪ (Night song of a fish). True, Rautenberg’s fish with their ≫blibb≪, ≫blabb≪, ≫blubb≪ are a great deal more eloquent, yet unfortunately they immediately start arguing. Quite a few fish swim through Rautenberg’s universe, which doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, the author enjoys pondering ≫Das Gluck am Meer zu sein≪ (The joy of being at the sea). Jens Rassmus can certainly empathise with this. Like Rautenberg, he comes from the shores of the Baltic Sea. Thus his colour palette does not only contain earthen shades but also a clear blue. (Age: 4+)