German / Germany

1914. Ein Maler zieht in den Krieg
(1914. A painter goes to war)

Osteroth, Reinhard (text)
Kleist, Reinhard (illus.)
Hamburg: Aladin, 2014. – 98 + [12] p.
ISBN 978-3-8489-0078-7

Marc, Franz | World War I | Non-fiction

This title stands out among the non-fiction books about World War I. Reinhard Osteroth writes for the weekly newspaper ≫Die Zeit≪, among others; his non-fiction book ≫Holz. Was unsere Welt zusammenhalt≪ (Wood. Stuff that holds our world together) had favourable reviews from both readers and critics. Reinhard Kleist received various awards, including the German Youth Literature Award 2013 for his graphic novel ≫Der Boxer≪ (The boxer).

Thus it is hardly surprising that a cooperation between these two should result in something good: A book that puts painter Franz Marc (1880-1916) in the spotlight and at the same time introduces readers to World War I. Factual information, combined with quotations from Marc’s letters and diaries, portrays the gruelling life at the Front as well as the soldiers’ growing resignation, horror, and fear. Fortunately enough, Kleist does not imitate Franz Marc’s style but shows his own characteristic hand in the pictures, which are created using symbolically charged colours. (Age: 12+)