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Was braust so schnell vorbei?
(What zooms past so fast?)

Müller, Thomas (text/illus.)
Frankfurt am Main: Moritz, 2013. – [36] p.
ISBN 978-3-89565-267-7

Vehicle | Repetition | Board book

Serial repetition is a favourite device with children – especially with the smallest ones. Add animals and vehicles and you’ll have a bestseller in your hands. Boys in particular will love this book.

But wait! ≫Was braust so schnell vorbei?≪ is not as simple as that. In this board book, Thomas Muller does not merely bring the concept of repetition to perfection and add a certain tongue-in-cheek laconism to it; in addition, he gradually distorts the concept in such a skilful way that the final punch line surprises everyone. It is not just because someone finally does stop. It suddenly becomes evident why all the others zoomed by so fast. Despite or because of this punch line, which readers eagerly await with every reading, the book can be read and flipped through again and again with varying speed: Be it slow and careful or in a frenzied rush – anything goes. (Age: 2+)