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Kriegen das eigentlich alle? Die besten Antworten zum Erwachsenwerden
(Does everybody get this? The best answers about growing up)

Helms, Antje (text)
Holleben, Jan von (illus.)
Stuttgart [et al.]: Gabriel, 2013. – 156 p.
ISBN 978-3-522-30338-5

Puberty | Sexuality | Non-fiction

What was that again about the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees? Jan von Holleben and Antje Helms are rather natural about it. Here moss and flowers serve, among other things, as beards or boobs. For this book, Holleben has taken pictures of more than a dozen kids and then edited these photographs, adding ≫natural growth≪ in the places bound to change during puberty. Surprisingly enough, this looks neither silly nor embarrassing but rather original and witty. One reason might be that readers can see how much fun everyone had with the taking and making of the pictures. Another one, that the texts are factual and informative without being dry or boring. Confusing changes that aff ect children’s bodies and confusing feelings are explained and taken seriously. If the texts may seem a little short at times, they definitely avoid any kind of information overload.

Unlike the sexual education bestseller ≫Make Love≪, which addresses a teenage audience, this book is already suitable for pre-teens. (Age: 10+)