German / Germany

(Pictures of the Virgin Mary)

Bach, Tamara (text)
Hamburg: Carlsen, 2014. – 133 p.
ISBN 978-3-551-58299-7

Mother / Daughter | Family | Search for identity | Coming-of-age novel

Mareike’s mother has run away. But why? Mareike mulls over this question and soon realises that she knows next to nothing about her mother. Who is or was she? What did she dream about when she was young? And what happened to her plans – why didn’t they work out? What does all this mean for Mareike? Is the same thing going to happen to her now, after this party? Is she going to have a child she doesn’t want? With its dense and unpretentious language, its unreliable narrative voice, its metafictional elements and experimental composition, Tamara Bach’s latest novel does not only explore the tension between fatalism and self-determination; it also shows how you (re)construct life paths: How does memory work? What is true, what is imagined? The lines are blurred.

Since her debut novel ≫Marsmadchen ≪ (2003; ≫Girl from Mars≪, 2008), Tamara Bach is one of the most promising German authors. In ≫Marienbilder≪, she again proves that she is a virtuoso in creating young adult literature. (Age: 14+)