German / Germany

Der Rabe ist Acht
(The raven is eight)

Antelmann, Corinna (text)
München: Mixtvision, 2014. – 220 p.
ISBN 978-3-944572-05-5

School | Disappointment | Revenge | Search for identity | Thriller

This book is told in a radically subjective and unreliable voice: Every day, down in the school cellar, girlie swot Maja throws milk bottles against the wall, expressing her self-loathing and hate of the world. Who is she but a cockatoo repeating everything and getting good marks without using her brain? Maja’s classmate Klebe on the other hand, narcissistic and top of the class with a liking for numerology, is convinced of his own brilliance, until he realises that his teachers make fun of him. He is outraged and starts feeling an inkling of self-doubt. When Maja and Klebe get together, they plot absurd and confused schemes of revenge. Eventually things turn out differently though. The book thrives on the two protagonists’ monomaniac, self-reflective revolving around themselves and the juxtaposition of the two points of view. The contrast between perception of self and of others becomes just as apparent as the spiralling effect of speculations, for many things are only hinted at. (Age: 13+)