Galician / Spain (Galicia)

Nicomedes o pelado
(Nicomedes the bald)

Pinto & Chinto (text/illus.)
Pontevedra: Kalandraka, 2013. – [40] p.
ISBN 978-84-8464-697-6

Baldness | Hairstyle | Imaginativeness

A book for men – or a book about a specifically male problem. Not even style-conscious Nicomedes can avoid gradual hair loss and baldness, watching as his curly red head of hair becomes nothing but a memory. Aggrieved by the barren state of his scalp, Nicomedes tries to give his head new lustre. But whatever solution he tries – a piece of turf, streamers, a ball of yarn, or spaghetti – his head faces misuse: as a football pitch, dance floor, knitting material, or dining room. Nicomedes’s red tom cat provides the answer, proving himself to be the perfect substitute for his owner’s magnificent lost locks.

It is the simple, original, thoroughly developed idea that makes this picture book so appealing for even very young readers. Using few words and witty illustrations, the creative duo Pinto and Chinto present new surprises on every double-page, making this a page-turner and also a book one can’t wait to leaf through again. (Age: 3+)