Frisian / The Netherlands (Friesland)

Jonas en de fi skjes fan Kees Poan
(Jonas and the fi shes of Kees Poon)

Jonge, Harm de (text)
Linden, Martijn van der (illus.)
Weg, Jant van der (transl.)
[Hoorn]: Hoogland & Van Klaveren, 2013.
– 74 p.
ISBN 978-90-8967-149-3
(Simultaneous edition of Dutch original:
Jonas en de visjes van Kees Poon)

Imagination | Fantasy tale

The world around Jonas is boring, but when he puts on his sunglasses the world looks entirely different. When he goes to get some fish at Kees Poon, the houses he passes all take on the shape of their resident shopkeepers. And what sense can one make of two walking chimneys and roof tiles with wings? Or a crocodile in the canal? Jonas also meets all kinds of extraordinary people.

Harm de Jonge creates a fantasy world in this magic-realist story. The titles of the chapters create suspense and it’s almost impossible to put the book down. In the poetic and melodic text we find many rhymes, remarkable alliterations, unique names and surprising neologisms. Intertextual references and textual gaps require active, thoughtful reading. The playful Jonas is the epitome of a lively spirit and spokesman for an unbridled imagination. The magic of the story is enhanced by the illustrations with their fairytale atmosphere.
(Age: 9+)