French / Mali

Aimé Césaire. Le poète prophète
(Aimé Césaire. The visionary poet)

Bebey, Kidi (text)
Calin, Isabelle (illus.)
Bamako: Cauris Livres, 2013. – 32 p.
(Series: Collection Lucy)
ISBN 978-99952-60-11-8

Césaire, Aimé | Négritude | Equality | Decolonisation | Biography

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of poet Aime Cesaire (1913-2008), Franco-Cameroonian author Kidi Bebey offers a written portrait of this great Francophone author from the Caribbean.

Employing a pictorial broadsheet with illustrations by Isabelle Calin, Bebey reveals the lines of connection between Cesaire’s youth in Martinique, his influential relationships with his Paris classmates L. Sedar Senghor and Leon Damas, both Africans, and his work as French parliamentarian and mayor of Fortde-France. Bebey shows a young audience that the meaning of Cesaire’s literary work, his poems (like the well-known ≫Cahier d’un retour au pays natal≪) and essays reach far beyond the scope of his successful political life. His writings are milestones for the global emancipation movement to help people of colour self-determine their lives and fi ght discrimination and racism. This book is one of the successful new publications from Cauris Livres, a committed Malian press. (Age: 9+)