French / Ivory Coast

Bibi n’aime pas le guérisseur
(Bibi doesn’t like the healer)

Diallo, Muriel (text/illus.)
Abidjan: Les Classiques Ivoiriens, 2013.
– 19 p.
(Series: Bibi n’aime pas)
ISBN 979-10-90625-01-3

Illness | Health | Healing | Plants

Just yesterday, Bibi, a little African girl, was playing contentedly in the pouring rain. Today she is sick, her voice unrecognisably altered by a bad cold, and her sneezing attacks even chase away the dog. Her concerned grandmother wants to take the child to her naturopathic healer. Bibi resists, but in the end her grandmother’s reasonable arguments prevail. After a few days of treatment with inhalation therapy and herbal teas, Bibi jumps out of her bed gleeful and healthy.

This book features humorous collages of colourful paper and fabric that are accompanied by a brief but charming text. African illustrator and author Muriel Diallo was born on the Ivory Coast and now lives and works in France. She has created a whole series of books starring Bibi, for which she won the 2012 Prix Saint-Exupery. (Age: 4+)