French / France

Lumières. L’ Encyclopédie revisitée, 1713-2013
(Enlightenment. A new look at the Encyclopédie, 1713-2013)

Prévot, Franck (text)
Jarrie, Martin / Lejonc, Régis / Dutertre, Charles [et al.] (illus.)
Yassine (graphic design)
Andernos-les-Bains: Éd. L’Édune, 2013.
– 125 p.
ISBN 978-2-35319-079-9

Enlightenment | Diderot, Denis / Encyclopédie | Knowledge

This extraordinary book appeared in conjunction with the 300th birthday of Denis Diderot. Just like that brilliant thinker (and his work), it cannot easily be classified into one genre: is it a non-fiction book, a picture book, an art book – or all of these together?

Inspired by eleven historical copper plates from the original ≫Encyclopedie≪, eleven topics are newly discussed and represented in illustration. Renowned illustrators Martin Jarrie, Regis Lejonc, Jean-Francois Martin, Tom Schamp, Rascal, Charles Dutertre, Julia Wauters, Clotilde Perrin, Albertine, Janik Coat, and Vincent Pianina took part in this project, and their illustrations – like Franck Prevot’s texts written very much in the spirit of Diderot – are full of allusions, evocations, and cross-references. The volume is a deep, yet not irony-free bow to Diderot; his bold aspiration to capture the entire scientific and technical body of knowledge of his time is here at times irreverently pursued ad absurdum. (Age: 10+)