French / France

Nucléaire, pour quoi faire?
(What is nuclear power good for?)

Panafieu, Jean-Baptiste de (text)
Revenu, Julien (illus.)
Saint-Herblain: Gulf stream ed., 2012.
– 231 p.
(Series: Et toc!; 13)
ISBN 978-2-35488-175-7

Nuclear energy | Nuclear research | Non-fiction

With its nineteen nuclear power plants, France remains Europe’s leading country in atomic power. For many decades, however, in social debate and youth literature alike, discussions of nuclear energy and technology have been seasoned with an irritating mixture of misinformation and risk downplaying. Finally, a balanced and up-to-date non-fiction book on the topic has been published for young people.

Written by French science journalist Jean-Baptiste de Panafi eu, the book features over fifty alphabetically organised entries to aid critical reflection on the topic from both national and global perspectives. Entries discuss nuclear energy, atomic politics and the link between its military and peaceful uses. De Panafieu also soberly considers the fall-out from the nuclear accidents in Chernobyl in 1986 and Fukushima in 2011. Flanked by the drawings of young illustrator Julien Revenu, the book’s clear presentation of content gives young people coming to the topic with very diff erent assumptions rich access to one of today’s central political debates. (Age: 14+)