French / France


Marais, Frédéric (text/illus.)
[Montreuil]: Éd. Les Fourmis rouges, 2013. – [28] p.
ISBN 978-2-36902-001-1

Dragonfly | Time | Ephemerality | Moment

A feast for the eyes from Fourmis Rouges press! A little dragonfly escapes her foes with elegance, dexterity, and cunning: the hungry birds, the lurking spider, the grasshopper ready to spring, the rather dumb frog she uses for transportation. No one and nothing can stop her. She is on her way to the water to mate, and she is only alive for this one day.

French illustrator Frédéric Marais crafts the dragonfly’s flight into a celebration. His remarkable, intensely fluorescent five-colour palette, unusual silhouettes, and zoom-ins force observers to look very carefully. The illustrations and rhyming text form a perfect ensemble that allows readers young and old to enter a world beyond mere nature observation. As the title already suggests, ≫Ephemere≪ follows the motto of ≫Carpe diem!≪, inviting reflection on the brevity of life and the celebration of a single moment worth embracing because it will never return. (Age: 4+)