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Après l’été
(After summer)

Félix, Lucie (text/illus.)
Paris: Éd. Les Grandes personnes, 2013. – [56] p.
ISBN 978-2-36193-251-0

Geometry | Basic form | Seasons

This inspiring book by young illustrator Lucie Félix is a journey through the seasons and colours, but even more through the world of geometric shapes. It is an invitation to play, invent, name, combine and transform these basic aesthetic and optical categories.

The book’s sophisticated interplay of text and image allows to emerge many surprises concerning the circle, rectangle and triangle, as well as their variations, the oval and rhombus. Félix refines a technique used in her award-winning earlier book ≫2 yeux≪ (Two eyes): pages with punched-out parts create overlays with subsequent pages. In this way, little puzzles of shapes and figures are introduced and gradually resolved. This book flows along in one single playful movement; along the way we realised that ≫all we see≪ is built up from basic geometric forms. (Age: 3+)