French / France


Brunet, Marion (text)
Paris: Éd. Sarbacane, 2013. – 262 p.
(Series: Roman Sarbacane: Exprim‘)
ISBN 978-2-84865-597-0

Parents / Children | Homosexuality | Discrimination | Sexism | Homophobia | Coming-of-age novel

Joachim is having a great year – seventeen years old and a senior in high school, his love life, his studies, and everything else couldn’t be better. By contrast, it’s one hard knock aft er another for his fifteen-yearold sister Pauline, who is in her fi rst year of college. A group of boys is bullying her with verbal attacks and sadistic games. In contrast to her brother, Pauline finds it hard to consciously stand by the fact that her parents are two women. Since there’s no initial help coming from family or school, she becomes more and more reclusive. Just when it’s almost too late, Pauline finds support. A teacher even steps in, yet Pauline wants to stand up to her aggressors on her own.

Marion Maret’s successful first novel authentically portrays the crises as well as the mundane aspects of family life in a two-mom household. Considered from the perspective of older brother Joachim, topics such as the sexuality, solidarity and self-discovery of young adults are convincingly discussed. (Age: 15+)