French / Canada (Québec)

Jeanne Moreau a le sourire à l’envers. Roman
(Jeanne Moreau smiles upside down. A novel)

Boulerice, Simon (text)
Montréal: Leméac, 2013. – 195 p.
(Series: Jeunesse)
ISBN 978-2-7609-4217-2

Love | Pen pals | Brother | Anorexia | Coming-of-age novel

Leon, shy, fiften years old and a bit of an oddball, has stumbled upon a pen pal. With her loveable eccentricity and passion for making up stories, Leonie seems to be his opposite. Her visit with Leon’s very normal family becomes an event. Wild Leonie both unsettles and fascinates Leon, and they briefly become entangled in a love triangle a la ≫Jules et Jim≪ with Leon’s friend Carl. Leonie also has an unerring sense for family secrets and taboos. She tells Leon in no uncertain terms that his older brother Antoine, a dutiful and timid film student, is anorexic and that Leon must step in to help him.

In this praiseworthy coming-of-age novel, young author and playwright Simon Boulerice shows a young man excitedly discovering who he himself might be, with some help from old ≫off line≪ forms of social interaction such as letter-writing. (Age: 15+)