French / Belgium

La conséquence de mes actes. Roman
(The consequences of my actions. A novel)

Kavian, Eva (text)
Namur: Mijade, 2013. – 187 p.
(Series: Zone J)
ISBN 978-2-87423-072-1

Divorce | Father / Son | Vacation | Coming-of-age novel

Homère is having the most horrible summer vacation. His newly divorced parents are both acting irresponsibly. His mother is caught up in self-discovery and now lives with a woman. In love, but still just as self-absorbed, Homère’s father unloads his son on his new flame’s parents. Homere despises his forced vacation spot, and it’s one catastrophe after another, enhanced by Homere’s dramatic flair for exaggeration. It’s these very experiences, however, that bring the boy to finally compose an essay about ≫The consequences of my actions≪, which will allow him to progress to the next grade after a totally derailed school year.

Eva Kavian has created a wonderfully laconic novel, that authentically considers the many angles of adolescence, while also taking up a teenager’s critical perspective on the behavioural contradictions of adults in periods of conflict and change. (Age: 12+)