French / Belgium

Les droits de l’homme, un combat d’aujourd’hui
(Human rights. The contemporary debate)

Bournier, Isabelle (text)
Silloray, Florent (illus.)
[Bruxelles]: Casterman, 2013. – 80 p.
ISBN 978-2-203-06481-2

Human rights | Non-fiction

How is the international discussion surrounding human rights developing? How close are human rights to being realised? Are the different generations of human rights increasingly incompatible (such as in the debate over universality and indivisibility), or can they be seen as cohesive and mutually supportive? What roles do the right to a clean environment, the right to communication and the right to a fair stake in natural and cultural resources play overall? How effectively can international institutions like the UN globally protect human rights today? What new agencies are joining that effort?

This excellent book from Isabelle Bournier, program director of the Memorial de Caen museum (France), knowledgeably treats these and further questions on the topic of human rights using current examples from various countries and continents, including France. A good introduction to controversial discussions! (Age: 12+)