French / Belgium

Mauvaise pioche
(Bad luck)

Balpe, Anne-Gaëlle (text)
Élice (illus.)
Bruxelles: Alice, 2013. – 84 p.
(Series: Primo – Je suis un autre; 3)
ISBN 978-2-87426-187-9

Identity | Otherness | Metamorphosis | Perspective

Bath time is one of the absolute highlights of shy nine-year-old Hadrien’s day, until its magic is suddenly transformed into something nightmarish. Now, every time Hadrien pulls the tub plug, he is apt to undergo a transformation. Drawn by a strong force, he disappears down the drain, to pop up in another bathtub somewhere else – inhabiting another body and another person’s life, no less! After the turbulence of being changed into a pro swimmer and then into a girl, Hadrien faces his greatest challenge yet.

In this third and best instalment of French author Anne-Gaelle Balpe’s ≫Je suis un autre≪ (I am another) series, Hadrien lands in the body of his arch nemesis, Kilian the class bully, who spreads fear and fright everywhere. Elice’s cryptically humorous drawings accompany Balpe’s text about identity, being different, empathy, and forced changes of perspective. (Age: 8+)